Saturday, January 16, 2010

Team High Performance Cycling Powered by Cycle U Double Header Weekend

What a fabulous opening weekend for Team HPC in 2010! On the evening of Friday the 15th, Cycle U hosted an Open House and Pot Luck at their new West Seattle facility. Cycle U is now a Specialized Dealer and the shiny new bikes and gear made for a great party backdrop. Craig, Kristi, and Brad were on hand from Cycle U, and we had 40+ team members and potential team members turn out for the event. We have around 60 members on the team at present, and judging by this weekend’s enthusiasm level, I would wager that we hit 100 members before year end.

Everybody cranked up the effort on the food, and Cycle U provided the beverages. Brad described the fantastic new Specialized Bikes and Equipment Team Discount Program available to Team HPC members through Cycle U; Kristi talked about the switch to Voler kit; and David and I went over the team ride and clinic program for 2010. As a show of appreciation for Team HPC, Craig raffled off some great prizes. Only the insiders know how appropriate it was that Reg won a free Incycle Class, and David had to laugh through the pain when he won a pair of Cycle U Team bibs. Seems they had to cut some clothing off of him recently; it was nice of Cycle U to help him re-stock!

After a week of nearly constant deluge, the waves of water magically parted on Saturday morning for the first Meet the Team High Performance Cycling Ride of 2010. Dry as the skies may have been, the conditions were far from perfect. Nevertheless, nineteen determined and eager souls braved fog, 35 degree temperatures, and damp roads. Maybe the good turnout had something to do with the fact that today, January 15th, is the day the Seattle average daily high moves off of its bottom for the winter. Since sometime in December, we have been stuck at 45; the average high for today’s date is 46. The days are getting longer, the temperature is getting warmer, and it’s all looking better from here on out!

We had a nice smooth, social ride around the south end of Lake Washington, and as custom, we did a clockwise loop of Mercer Island on the way back. When I asked which of the riders needed to get straight back and skip the loop, I was met with looks of confusion; no one had even considered skipping the add-on.

We keep the pace mellow on the Meet the Team Rides, but Mercer Island, being “optional”, is always an opportunity to open it up a little bit and blow out the winter cobwebs. Besides, we re-group at the end of the loop, and it’s impossible to get lost on the way.

If today is any indication, we are going to have a great 2010 season. I hope to see you out on the road.

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SuperLukerBee said...

Things felt pretty smooth for so many people on an early season ride. Not too much 'whipping around' to report from the back and huge speed fluctuations were minimal.

Met some cool new people. A few us stopped for beverages at Perts'. Warren consumed a bazillion calorie cinnamon monster muffin before cycling home. Since I drove, I had to settle for the lemonade.

One thing - we may want to more seriously encourage buddy flaps on these early season rides.