Monday, January 18, 2010's not just about the bike

Our single biggest achievement of 2009 was Tracy’s graduation from the UW (hopefully for the last time). After defending her dissertation, she was awarded a Doctorate in Education. Combine this with an undergraduate degree in Psychology, a Master’s in Education, and schooling for her Principal’s Credentials, she is certainly the most educated of Educators that Tom knows. For now, she continues in her role as Principal of Phantom Lake Elementary in the Bellevue School District.

Some other great things happened for us in 2009, including:

1) Tom managed to ride his bicycle(s) 10,265 miles, and climb 555,000’, blah, blah, blah.
2) Tracy had an appendectomy in February…which was actually very good news, as the prognosis was for something worse.
3) Tom took the first steps to becoming a professional cycling coach.
4) Tracy is back into running, and is prepping for the June 2010 Seattle Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon.
5) We took some great vacations, including eight days in Whistler in July.
6) Tom made some special cycling trips, including seven days in Northern California, two trips to Chelan, and a solo “Volcano Tour” in the Rainier/Mt. St. Helens area.
7) We spent the holidays visiting Tracy’s parents in their new home in Green Valley, AZ.

Tom is quick to point out that he doesn’t view coaching cycling as a real “job.” Cycling is what he does, and Tom would like to help others enjoy it as much as possible. Tom is now in his 7th year of leading his weekly group ride called “Hills of the West Coast.”

Tracy continues to sharpen her gourmet cooking skills, with Tom as the chief guinea pig and beneficiary. Although the economy sucks, at least the market reversed direction after thudding to a bottom in March. We capitalized on the downturn by taking advantage of the incredible Happy Hours deals being offered in Downtown Seattle, as restaurants try to remain afloat. While the food may not be as good as Tracy's, Tom knows that Tracy needs to take an occasional break, so she doesn't tire of cooking!
In April we traveled to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Tom’s birthplace. We stayed with his brother’s family in Fox Chapel, and pretty much did the town for the five days we were there. We rode the Mt. Washington incline, and walked the entire downtown, South Side, and Oakmont areas. Hell, we even had a sandwich at Primanti’s.

We visited Tom’s elementary school, as well as his junior and senior high schools. We spent some time at South Hills Country Club, where Tom learned to play golf. It was great fun to have dinner with one of Tom’s childhood buddies, and his mother, who still lives across the street from the house that Tom grew up in.

We have lived in Downtown Seattle for over eight years. On the last day of 2009, we moved into a new 32nd floor penthouse apartment one block from Pacific Place and Nordstrom. Good thing that we have our impulses under control! On the last day of 1999, Tom moved to Seattle, so the move came on the 10 year anniversary. Here’s to hoping that the next ten years are as rewarding.

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