Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Turning Pro

I would think that I would fall into most people’s definition of “serious cyclist.” And what do serious cyclists do? They shave their legs, of course. And what has this serious cyclist never given one iota of consideration to? You got it, shaving my legs.

It has always seemed to me that two major categories of people shave their legs: women and professional cyclists. I think it’s pretty clear why (most) women shave their legs, and it’s well known that having smooth legs facilitates certain things for cyclists. Professional cyclists fall off of their bikes a lot, and many get daily massages, at least while they are racing. Smooth legs make dressing wounds and massage easier.

The other day, Tracy and I caught a stage of the Giro that ended atop the mighty Mount Zoncolan. This is the final week of the race, and the week where they try to make the racers whimper. Somehow we started talking about shaving. Before I knew it, I said I would do it if she would give me a massage after every bike ride. She said, “When you shave, I’ll start.” Hmmmm…

Oh, yeah, I forgot another category of people who shave their legs: local racers. No, they are not “Pro,” but I think many would like to be a pro, and looking pro (specifically Euro Pro) is the next best thing.

Despite the tarnished reputation of professional cycling in general, I still follow the sport. Having ridden many of the Euro climbs, I think I like that the pros get to race up them on closed roads. Of course, I am also a bike junkie, and I love seeing all of the different bikes.

Do I like to look “Pro?” Well, I’m kind of skinny, I wear Euro clothes, and its Campy Only for me. What do you think! Well, should I “Turn Pro?” In some eyes, my having white bar tape, saddle, and shoes makes it almost mandatory.

Just go easy on me when you see me if I do this.

I hope to see you on the road (maybe.)


Matt said...

you using white bar tape? if so you gotta shave, its totally pro

shaved legs are better for embrocation application as well.

personally i dont race often, but will shave when the temp goes up. ive been described as 'wooly' and i shed heat lots better with shaved legs.

plus, sheets feel great

Tom Meloy said...

White bar tape, saddle, and shoes...

Matt said...

then youre totally a pro, you gotta shave.

Anonymous said...