Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thanks for the image booster

On warm and windy Monday, I stopped in Issaquah to remove some clothing to get down to just shorts and a jersey. As I was about to leave, 10 or so Group Health Team women riders happened by and asked if I was OK. Before I moved on, I followed about 10’ behind their somewhat slow moving line on Sammamish Parkway by Costco.

These cyclists were not only riding very safely, signaling well and looking organized, and stopping at red lights; they were courteous to both cars and me. They were riding single file in the bike lane. I wasn’t even part of the group, and the last in line was pointing out hazards and signaling the group's intentions to me. Maybe they were riding slowly in order to better nail down their group riding skills?

A lot of male cyclists could learn from them, especially groups, and most especially groups of the men's racing teams. It’s hard to imagine that any damage was being done to cycling’s image by these women riders.