Wednesday, October 7, 2009

10-3-09 Hills of the West Coast Saturday Edition

I showed up for the start of the ride today with no plan. With Luke leading the ride, I had the luxury to go/no go, or peel off if I did start. Well, start I did, and peel off I did as well. I split at Enatai, and headed out to Cougar Mountain. Early on, I realized that I felt great, and when I feel that good, I like to go climbing. The rest of the group went north to Edmonds, and here is a brief report from Luke:

"The ride had a rough start today. I respect people who take on the challenge to try a tough ride like HOWC. But sometimes they are in over their head - and the process of determining that and getting them pointed back - sucks time. We had one of those situations getting around the island and onwards. Shortly thereafter, Mike suffered a broken spoke and was done for the day. Too bad - Mike has been a welcome addition to the HOWC arsenal.

After these setbacks, the remaining six riders continued at a more even flow. We all did the up and back of ‘Goat Hill’ from Holmes Point. That is a steep pitch and sets you up nicely for the climb back to Juanita. We cut through on Locust Way up Vine to drop down into Edmonds. Still fighting off the end of a cold, I took the opportunity to peel off the ride a few miles from my home.

Warren tells me the rest continued on to climb Innis Arden. Special thanks to Ed for leading the final four back south to Seattle"

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