Saturday, May 30, 2009

Giro Moments

Now that the Giro is almost over, here are some of my opinions formed while watching the internet video replays:

Lance Armstrong appears to be 5-8# heavier (notice I didn’t say “overweight”) than he was when he rode the Tour de France. It’s likely he was on a carefully calculated schedule to lose the weight while he was building fitness for the Giro/TDF, and his broken collarbone derailed his plan. Take those few extra pounds off, and it seems possible that he could have contended for the Maglia Rosa, as those climbs were hard, and the extra weight didn’t help. Will he still be a little “heavy” at Tour time, and eager to play the role of super domestique? I wouldn’t bet on it.

Given the history of the sport, how hard the Giro route was, and how hard they raced day in and day out, do you believe that the race was “clean”? There were no announced drug positives, but I wouldn’t bet on this either.

I know these guys are the best in the world, but it’s hard to believe anybody could do this race without some kind of help.

Bibshorts with a white center panel should be outlawed.

What’s up with Armstrong’s black shoes and socks? Not only does he have to be the only one dressed like this, but he looks like Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler. That Astana (but not Astana) kit is bad enough as it is, and then there is the bike...

These guys absolutely FLY up the climbs.

Last but not least, I know the Miss Giro podium models are tall, but these guys are TINY!

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