Saturday, April 18, 2009

4-18-09 Team HPC Powered by Cycle U Rider Report

People come out to play when the sun shines and the temperature warms up. There were cyclists and runners all along our route today. We had 19 Team HPC riders show up for the mini-clinic on fitness basics and the following group ride. Perhaps as the weather continues to improve, we will see more new faces of people that are now part of our 60 strong team.

After the clinic, we split fairly evenly into Development and Expert Groups for the ride.

Our standard route through Medina, Kirkland, and Bellevue seems to work great. Traffic is always light, and we roll through some very scenic parts of town. Most of the riders seemed to agree that the route is a lot more interesting than the basic “around the end of the lake” loop. It also has fewer stops, and the additional climbing makes it more challenging as well.

The Development Group was a fit group, and several people moved up to the Expert level at re-group points. Most of both crews threw in a lap around Mercer Island, bringing the total to about 36 round trip miles from our morning meeting spot.

It’s rewarding to be around so many people who want to improve their cycling fitness and/or skills. Riders seemed enough at ease with the group to ask questions and offer input throughout the ride.

Next Saturday at 9 AM we have our second “Meet the Team” group ride. This is an opportunity to invite your friends who might be curious about what Team HPC is all about.

I hope to see everybody on the road and at Pert’s in Leschi for the ride.

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Cascade Cyclist said...

Nice to see so many folks really working to ramp it up.

I think the way we are doing the Mercer Loop addition is a great way for folks to "take the gloves off" and push themselves at the end of the ride.

The front end led by Luke, Steve, and Randy did 26-28 mph through the S curves. Mark Clausen, Carol, and visitor Julie weren't far behind.

Rance must have held on pretty well too, because he was next.

Nice job everyone.